A tool for social service and rental information providers to help tenants solve rental housing problems

The easiest way to find us is http://solving.rhinohio.com (share with your co workers & consumers)

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  • Solve a specific problem:  Click on a topic in the right column

  • General info on solving housing problems.

  • Get some background in Housing 101:  Go to What & Who is that for definitions of things, contact information for people who can help.
  • Get tips on working with consumers on housing issues::  techniques for delivering rental housing information and case management services to households.
  • Learn about Working with systems:  addressing rental housing issues on a building/property, community and class level
  • Plan your your social practice in a broader context as Your enabling practice  Are you increasing the capacity of your community and your consumers to address rental housing problems in the future?

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Rental Housing Information Network in Ohio

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