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What do you need to know about SRP and RHINO

Solving rental problems is an attempt to be a Decision Support System
SRP will not answer your questions, but
SRP will help you answer them by helping you
  • ask the right questions
  • find the relevant laws and regulations and
  • suggest "best practices" that other people have found helpful in similar situations
You supply the insight, the local knowledge and the relationship with the consumer

 The RHINO Network links communities of people around rental housing issues and concerns

The communities
  • Tenant Serving Organizations, RHINOpartners
  • Social service providers RHINOproviders
  • Tenants!  RHINOtnts
  • Local officials, planners, special need housing providers, community stakeholders  INCLUSIONpartners
  • Rental Housing Advocates  RHINOadvocates
The activities
  • weekly community updates
  • rhinoUP!  weekly newsletter
  • technical assistance from the RHINO community
  • meet ups in your local community

The network
  • No bosses, hierarchy, bureaucracy

Community management preserves the process
  • moderated discussions (no flaming or personal attacks)
  • curated information  (tested or documented content, not just goofy ideas)

Notes & Links