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Landlord is withholding treatment, charging for treatment or terminating because of bedbugs.

Here's what you need to know
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Type of housing?

  • Public Housing Authority
  • Housing Choice Voucher
  • Privately owner, Federally Assisted (HUD or USDA)
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Other state assistance (ODOD, ODMH, ODD)
  • Conventional Rental
Local Code or Practice
Check with city housing department or county health department to find out what the local rules and policies are for addressing bed bug infestation.

 The basics
  • Bed bugs are a relatively new problem in rental housing in Ohio.  
  • Rules and practices may be different from one type of housing to another and from one part of the state to another. 
  • RHINO is recommending a series of best practices for bed bug extermination.
  • Because the Ohio Department of Health does not classify bed bugs as "vermin" local health departments won't cite landlords for a health code violation.
  • Some local housing codes take a common (non) sense approach of assigning responsibility without proof that tenants CAUSED the problem.
Tell us what you think is going on
  • Landlord won't exterminate or uses self help methods to address the problem or doesn't follow best practices.
  • Tenant caused the bedbug problem by risky practice or negligence
  • Tenant is an innocent bystander
System change opportunities

Building/property policies and procedures
    • work with landlord to create best practices for addressing bed bug infestation
    • educate tenants on bed bug prevention techniques
Community programs, policies, codes
  • educate local communities about bed bugs to encourage safe practices and discourage stigma
  • challenge local ordinances and policies which assign blame without proof
Legal Rights (civil rights)
  • work with advocates to get responsible policies from health and housing intermediaries

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Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force

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Fact sheets you can use are attached at the bottom of this web page.