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Tenant disputes charges

Tenant did not intentionally or negligently cause damage to the rental premises

Tenant may

communicate with landlord (in writing) why you believe that you did not act "intentionally or negligently". Cite witnesses who have information about the situation or experts who can testify about the nature of the damage.

if landlord brings eviction action,  evidence may be presented to the eviction court judge to decide if you were in violation of the landlord tenant law.

if landlord makes a withholding from your security deposit, tenant may file a Small Claim for a wrongful withholding based on your evidence

 Landlord May
Bring a small claim against tenant for the damages and get a judgement against the tenant

Terminate rental agreement for a violation of 5321.05 A 6 and bring an eviction action

Withhold cost of damage from security deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Seek legal assistance if landlord
bring an eviction action to recover claims
refuse next month's unless charge is paid
deduct charge from next month's rent and then hold tenant liable for unpaid portion of rent.

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