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Denied a rental unit

Prospective tenant denied rental unit

You need to know when analyzing a denial

Form of denial
  • written
  • verbal, if verbal have the complainant document who said what and when.
Type of housing *what's that?
  • some forms of assisted housing require a written denial and an appeal process.
  • Congress has enacted restrictions on certain types of housing.
Reason for denial
  • credit.  If the reason given was credit, ask for a written statement of the source of the information.
  • criminal background
  • programmatic restriction.  
  • landlord reference

The basics
  • Landlords have lots of leeway in considering potential tenants, but they may not discriminate based on a protected class and they should be consistent
  • HUD properties must adhere to a tenant selection plan that is approved by HUD.
  • Denials should be in writing.
  • Many unsuccessful applicants don't bother to apply because someone tells them they won't be considered.  That way there's no denial! 
  • Challenging a denial can be really successful.