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Eviction means a lot of different things.  Lets take a second to figure out what's really going on...

 Here's what you need to know
Type of housing

Type of rental agreement
Month to month
fixed term (lease)

Type of notice
written or verbal
 The basics
when tenants talk about eviction they may mean a lot of different things. 
  • termination is a notice to the tenant that the rental agreement is ending at a specific time.
  • notice to vacate is a written notice from the landlord (with specific statutory language) that tells a tenant to leave the premises or else legal action will be taken
  • summons is a written notice from the court which tells the tenant that an eviction hearing has been scheduled
  • red tag is a notice delivered to the premises saying that an officer of the court (usually the baliff) will be at the property on a specific day to oversee the removal of the tenant's belongings
What's going on?
  • tenant was told that lease was terminated or received a termination notice
  • tenant received a 3 days notice to vacate
  • tenant received a summons for an eviction hearing
  • tenant received a red tag notice for a set out

System change opportunities
good cause termination

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