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Q: How do I "terminate the rental agreement?" A: If you are a month to month tenant, you need to give a notice to terminate 30 days before the rental due date. (ORC 5321.17)  If you are on a lease, you need to follow the termination procedure in the lease. If the lease doesn't say anything about termination, then the rental agreement ends on the last day of the lease.

Q: How do I "give up occupancy?" A: The "normal" way to give up occupancy is to turn in the keys "to the person or at the place where you normally pay rent.  When you do turn in the keys, get a receipt!  If you mail in the keys, use certified return receipt mail...or at least get a senders receipt from the Post office. If you slide the keys into a slot in the office managers door, have a witness with you who can testify that you returned the keys.

Q:  Is a pet deposit a security deposit?  A: YES. 

Q: What's the difference between a pet deposit and a pet fee?

Q: Do I get interest on my security deposit?

Q: My landlord charges first month rent, last month rent and a security deposit. Is that a double deposit?

Q: What's a security deposit bond?