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How can providers help homeseekers find safe, decent, fair, affordable and accessible housing?

What you need to know?

What you need to know depends a whole lot on the type of home search services that you provide, but here's some basic

home search tools in your community

credit counseling organizations in your community

rapid rehousing programs for households at risk of homelessness

suspecting discrimination (difference in treatment based on homeseeker's demographics)

blacklisting (informal, maybe bogus, references)

 The basics
  • finding safe, decent, affordable housing is becoming harder every day as more families want or need to rent
  • the home search process is totally UNREGULATED so the prime directive is:  searcher beware!
  • rental scams are on the rise so screening prospective landlords makes sense
  • home shopping skills can make a difference

What's going on?
  • homeseeker needs to find affordable housing
  • homeseeker has "issues"
  • homeseeker denied or diverted
  • homeseeker needs a reasonable accommodation
  • homeseeker needs a reasonable modification
Systemic change opportunities
building or property

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Move to Opportunity

Opportunity areas

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