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Termination means ending a rental agreement; it is different than eviction

Here's what you need to know

Type of rental agreement?

(*what's this?)
  • Month to Month
  • Fixed term
Written or verbal?

Current in rent? (*what's this?)
  • yes
  • no
Type of notice
  • 30 days to terminate
  • 3 days (10 days for HUD assisted) Notice to Vacate
  • Summons for a court hearing
  • Set out notice
  • Type of housing?  (*what's this?)
  • Public Housing Authority
  • Housing Choice Voucher
  • Privately owner, Federally Assisted (HUD or USDA)
  • Low Income Housing Tax Credit
  • Conventional Rental

 The basics
Every tenant in Ohio has a rental agreement that specifies terms and conditions of rental. 
Rental agreements may be written or verbal. 
Rental agreements may be for a fixed term (eg. one year) or month to month (what the law calls "periodic".)

What's going on....
  • 30 days notice, written or verbal, to terminate month to month agreement
  • 30 days notice to terminate fixed term agreement (lease) because tenant failed in a duty
  • X day notice of non renewal of a fixed term agreement at the end of the lease term
  • 3 days NOTICE TO VACATE.  Summons from Court for an eviction (FED) hearing or Red tag notice that court will remove tenants' belongings from the premises  SEE EVICTION
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