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move without notice

Tenant moved without giving notice to the landlord

What we need to know

 The Basics

2.  Let's guess that the tenant was on a month to month rental agreement.  ORC 5321.17 says that tenant must give a 30 days notice on or before the rental due date.  If tenant failed to give a 30 days notice of termination and landlord was damaged because he did not receive rent during that month, then landlord can recover his actual damages for the loss of rent.

3.  Normally, the landlord will simply hold the security deposit in order to be compensated for the loss of rent.  If LL makes a wthholding from the security deposit, LL must give tenant a written itemized statement of what was deducted and why.  ORC 5321.16 

4.  If there's no security deposit then landlord would need to bring a claim (probably in small claims court) to recover his actual damages for loss of rent.  Tenant would receive a summons for a hearing in front of a magistrate who would decide what was owed.

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