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Municipal ordinances

Municipal Ordinances require snow removal from sidewalks, but enforcement is spotty

Good snow removal story from Enquirer
Are you puzzled about the property owner's duty to remove snow from sidewalks?  Cincinnati Enquirer does a 1/2 decent review of the current law of sidewalks.  PS:  across Ohio this winter RHINO has seen local stories warning of increased enforcement of sidewalk ordinances.
Here's the Enquirer article:
Here's a related article:  Warming trend typically signals injury trend
Another related article:  Penalties for snowy sidewalks are rare
Another story Who Owns It Handicapped-residents trapped by ice and snow
Parma law requires residents to shovel sidewalks; repeat violators could be fined
Officials seek improvements in shoveling
Who’s responsible for shoveling the sidewalks?  Failing to shovel your sidewalk is illegal, but don’t expect the city to enforce the ordinance any time soon.
Here's more on snow removal.