Housing Intermediaries

Housing Intermediaries operate programs that support affordable housing programs

What are the housing intermediaries?
HUD-Department of Housing and Urban Development oversees a variety of programs that assist providers of affordable housing programs.  Each program has one or more "rulebooks" that can be helpful in figuring out how the property is supposed to operate. 
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OHFA-Ohio Housing Finance Agency is an intermediaty for Low Income Housing Tax Credits which are awarded competitively to developers who build or preserve "affordable" housing.  Developers compete annually for an award of tax credits which they use to attract wealthy investors to underwrite their projects.  Rents are capped at 20/40/60/80 percent of the Fair Market Rents for the jurisdiction in which the property is located.  OHFA also administers
Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) financing:  a tax exempt bond program for developers of "affordable" housing.  MRB awards ordinarily receive 4% Tax Credit financing which operates like the more competitive credits described above.  From a consumer point of view LIHTC and MRB projects look and act the same way.

Ohio Development Services Agency


-Rural Development Service-provides and oversees loans for multifamily housing in rural areas and administers the Rental Assistance program for low income families.  USDA 515 loan program underwrites mortgages for housing that serves low income families.  Most 515 developments also have a number of units covered by Rental Assistance. 

 Working with Housing Intermediaries
1.  Housing intermediaries are Rule driven.  (Hint-you can show them that a rule is being violated; they are likely to act.
2.  Primary interest is protecting the property, usually that means protecting the owner/manager, not the tenant/consumer.  (hint:  if you can show that owner/manager is in violation of the rules which could get the property in trouble...intermediary is likely to get owner/manager to come into compliance.)
3.  Housing intermediaries are shy:  they don't want to be seen as "regulating" the people they work with and so they will try to operate by persuasion not compulsion. 
see:  deny and comply

Contact information for assisted housing intermediaries serving Ohio


Assisted Housing Services Corp (Performance Based Contract Administration (PBCA) in Ohio
HUD locator-find someone who works at HUD
HUD Multifamily
Service Centers
HUD Public Housing  Hub
Office of Community Planning and Development

Ohio Housing Finance Agency-Compliance division
Brian Carnahan is the chief of the compliance section.   You may call him with questions about LIHTC or specific properties; you may give his contact info to tenants to make contact directly.  Brian's contact info is:
Director of Program Compliance

ODOD housing Programs

ODMH Housing Programs

USDA regional offices

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