NO means NEXT...Help the consumer climb the Ladder of Responsibility

  • In the public housing system that chain of command is a. property manager b. PHA director c. HUD Public Housing Hub (in Cleveland) d. HUD IG office or HUD Deputy Assistant Secy (DAS) for Public and Indian Housing (PIH) of HUD
  • In the HCV universe that chain of command is a. property manager b. PHA that issued the voucher c. HUD Public Housing Hub (in Cleveland) or DAS of HUD Public and Indian Housing (PIH)
  • In the privately owned, HUD assisted housing: a. Property manager, Regional manager b. Assisted Housing Services Corporation*, c. HUD MF Hub in Columbus
  • In Low Income Housing Tax Credit properties, Ohio Housing Finance Agency can sometimes be of assistance, but start with the property manager.
  • In private, unassisted housing: a. property manager, regional manager or owner (whoever receives the rent)

 Some rules of thumb
1.  Site managers almost never have any real authority (exception:  site manager is owner's older sister!)
2.  Decision makers within a management company hid behind site managers.

Discovering the ladder rungs...
1.  Ask the housing intermediary (HUD, USDA, OHFA, ODOD, ODMH, ODD):  "Who is your point of contact in this company?"
2.  google'm:  many management companies have pretty well documented websites where you can identify principal staff people.  don't send to anonymous email addresses, eg.

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