Eviction Diversion

Reforming the eviction process can reduce homelessness and increase rental housing stability

Scope of the problem

Consequences of eviction
reluctance to stand up for rights

Contrast eviction and foreclosure

Causes of eviction
financial insufficiency  http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702303345104579284822103588060

 Eviction diversion strategies

early warning is key. 
court monitoring
data analysis
pre filing interventions guarantee no background harm

post filing counseling:  halting the process and extinguishing the court record. 

utilizing legal defenses
caution on conditional settlements (writ to issue)

diversion tactics
financial assistance
legal defenses
faulty notices
"landlord" not authorized to bring a legal action
tenant counter claims
Pro se defenses
Mediation to avoid a judgement
Is a judgement necessary to stain a background check?

emergency financial intervention
pay to stay
acceptance of 3rd party payments

Notes & Links

Changing the laws: pay to stay, other law reform options (link to advocate.eviction)

ORC 1923

Summary of eviction procedure in Ohio