conflict resolution

Sometimes service or information providers can help each party resolve the dispute

Source of conflict
Possible resolution
 In real life
disagree about the facts of a situationsubmit to a neutral fact finder
this is what happens in court
hurt feelingshelp each party articulate her/his feelings (maybe use written statements) and negotiate apologies and remedial steps

bringing in problems from outside the llt relationshiphelp each party identify the fact that the other issue doesn't belong in the LL-T dispute.
tenants sometimes have unrealistic ideas about what a landlord can do
doesn't understand rights/dutiesexplain who LL or T duties apply to the situation
often just giving information can help
bluffing, hoping the other party doesn't understand rights and dutieshelp both parties see the costs and benefits of continuing the dispute vs. resolving the dispute
sometimes it's not who is right that solves the problem, it is cost v. benefit.

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