Three casemanagement strategies


I know what's best for you.  Do as I say and you'll find the way. 

I know what's best for you.  Let me speak for you

  • What are your goals? (not mine for you)
  • What are the steps towards reaching that goal? (lets climb the mountain one step at a time)
  • What are the barriers to each step and how can you remove them? (what's preventing you from taking a step?)
Enabling requires:
A working relationship that puts the consumer in the decision making position
A contract (written or oral) that spells out the expectations in the helping relationship.
 Three social change strategies

Conflict.  Theory is that systems change when they are confronted by outside forces demanding change.  Power strategies range from direct action (picketing, boycotts, or rent strikes) to social interventions (electional, legislative, or administrative) actions.


Alternative building

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Saul Alinsky
Kurt Lewin
Carl Rogers