Rosa Parks option

Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat of the bus and helped to change the course of history. 

Offer the "Rosa Parks option"
As helping professionals, we don't know when our program participants will want to "become Rosa Parks"  but we owe them
  • the opportunity to consider the option and
  • the offer to stand with them if they choose to do so.

This is the point in the "working" relationship where social WORK becomes social justice.  The opportunity for the client to become a change agent that you offer is a handle that we can use to help bend the curve of history towards justice.  reference.

Most of the time, making the offer to become a transformative figure won't be accepted for all kinds of pragmatic cost/benefit reasons...but by articulating the option to become transformative, you are offering the client to consider the possibility of becoming an actor...not just a victim.  Friere's analysis is: 

...the system of dominant social relations creates a culture of silence that instills a negative, silenced and suppressed self-image into the oppressed. The learner must develop a critical consciousness in order to recognize that this culture of silence is created to oppress.[11] Also, a culture of silence can cause the "dominated individuals [to] lose the means by which to critically respond to the culture that is forced on them by a dominant culture."[12] Social domination of race and class are interlaced into the conventional educational system, through which the “culture of silence” eliminates the "paths of thought that lead to a language of critique[13] (my emphasis)

When we fail to offer the transformative option, are we complicit in the Culture of Silence? 

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